let this rainy season be completely stylish

I eat, sleep and breathe the world of fashion.It’s what I do. I am a professional model and writer.

Throughout my life, I have had a true passion for modeling and acting. I had no idea that I could ever write something because I have always had hobbies that has more to do with performances on stage. All these hobbies have with time faded away for different reasons, but there’s one which remains- fashion. Fashion is much more than a hobby to me; it is a lifestyle. Creating this fashion blog site is a result of that zeal in me. Fashion is something that has evolved in me as a part of my personal growth and I am very proud of it.

Why do I love Fashion?

Writing makes me who I am in its true manner. It is something I understand, I know and enjoy. Fashion is the voice to my writing. Fashion inspires me in an exquisite manner. It has the power to delineate who I am; an extension to my personality and it does depict my mood. Fashion is one art form that the world participates in, but what I love the most about fashion is what it ultimately seeks to do; make life more beautiful than it actually is. The ability to change, to constantly renew itself is probably what makes fashion so intoxicating. I just love to see the transformation in a designer’s work within a time period, be it subtle and evolutionary or blatant and revolutionary. Change is constant and fashion changes consistently and so I just admire the complete ideology of fashion.

What does it do for me?

It gives me confidence and contentment. It lets me be innovative and never fails to surprise me as an individual.

This site is an expression for all the thoughts that stay with me. I have been very fortunate to have been surrounded by the people who believe in me and it is their faith and encouragement that has led me to evolve as a better self.

I am determined to keep up the good work and very excited to spread my horizons. I cannot wait to work with new people and find out where this journey leads me to.


Fashion isn’t something that is just existent in your wardrobe. Fashion is much more than that. It is the way of living, it has a lot to do with ideas. It just lets me take a dip from the existent world to a complete new world that allows me to voice my personality.

Lao Tzu